Hidden Surplus Value, it’s creation and transformation

The article summarizes the basics of the Concept of Hidden Surplus Value developed by theauthor. Karl Marx’s Theory of Labor Value, its position according to which the surplus value ofgoods, respectively the wealth of society, is created solely by living labor, that is, personnelservicing equipment, is criticized. It is shown that the main driver of the development of societyis technological progress — the introduction of new equipment and technologies. A prerequisitefor its accelerated development is a competitive environment. It opens access to the marketonly for those models of new equipment that create for its consumer the opportunity to makea profit in amounts significantly exceeding the normative. The author designated this ability of
the means of production by the term “Hidden Surplus Value (HSV)”. The article shows that the
HSV is formed due to the fact that the remuneration of the creators of new technology isdisproportionately small in comparison with the economic effect that is achieved from itsimplementation. The staff servicing the equipment, through their high-quality, creative work,contributes to the most complete uncovering of the HSV of the new equipment, itstransformation at the maximum profit of the enterprise. Denial of the exclusive role of theproletariat in creating surplus value leads to the understanding that the opinion of Karl Marx onthe necessity and inevitability of creating a society based on the dictatorship of the proletariatis incorrect. Classes are categories of unity and opposition. All historically established classesand groups are involved in creating the wealth of society. For its accelerated development, it isnecessary to seek their constructive cooperation in the field of creation and high mutualexactingness in the distribution of the surplus product. It is indicated that the concept of HSVcan be the basis for a new version of the theory of labor value, in which it will be necessary toreflect the high importance of intellectual work.
Keywords: commodity, labor value theory, Karl Marx’s mistakes, exchange value, use value,hidden surplus value, capital, competition, new technology, sources of wealth, wealthaccumulation mechanism.
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